Glorious views

Amazing view to the Ionian Sea from your balconies and the swimming pool. The sunset of this area is one of the best in all of Greece. The beautiful beach and village of Agios Nikitas is only 3 km to the south and Lefkada town 5 km to the east..

Traditional Design

With much love we have given the beautiful villas a fresh, modern design. The calming atmosphere of the surrounding landscape, the endless horizon and unique beaches have inspired us to keep the design of the villas in the typical Greek colors, turquoise and white.


VORIAS,, [Voreas] is the Greek God of the north wind and brother of Ostria [ Notus.] He is a wintery ,fierce wind and may last many days. Vorias leaves the most noticeable marks on the trees, all of which grow slading away from the wind.


OSTRIA ,, [Notus] is the God of the south wind and sister of Vorias, blowing from the south. Ostria is the most welcoming wind of the farmers, as it brings mild rain that can last for days, especially in early Spring and Autumn!


Meltemi..[Zepherus] is a dry, clear and cool, southeastern wind much appreciated in the summer months. It is the perfect wind for yachting thus he appears on most sailing boats, as a symbol, of a blessed sailing! It starts to blow by early afternoon reaching 4-5 Beauford and dies out at sunset. This pattern can easily be repeated for many days.


Maistrali ..[ Mistral ] is a northwest local Mediterranean wind often exceeding 40-50 klm per hour. It is accompanied by clear, fresh weather and light clouds during the day, calming noticeably at night. It blows especially in July and August for one or two days. Great wind for local sailors.

Services during your stay

Villas Vorias and Ostria each offer their own private swimming pool. Villas Meltemi and Maistali offer a larged shaed swimming pool. All Villas have their own landscape garden, a part-shaded terrace complete with BBQ and cloam oven, perfect for alfresco living.